Echeveria Romeo

Echeveria Romeo


Common name: Echeveria agavoides 'Taurus' or 'Romeo

Scientific name: Echeveria agavoides 

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Light: Abundant. Not direct.

Watering: Moderate warm months. Almost no cold months.

Approximate measures: 8 x 11cm

A small size succulent, perfect to give a green touch to that special corner of our homes. Ideal to give a subtle natural touch, to any room of the house or to make compositions with several cactus. 

To complement your plant, and make our "green space" even more special, we have pots in burgundy, pink or white, with an elegant golden three-legged stand. The perfect complement for our new friend.

*Pots not included in the price of the plant. Available in the purchase options of this product. 

 **The measures of the plants correspond to the width of the flowerpot for the height of the plant, and they are approximate measures.

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