Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm


Common name: Living room palm, Tub palm, Camadorea, Pacaya

Scientific name: Chamaedorea elegans

Location: Indoor

Light: Not very demanding. Avoid direct sun.

Watering: Moderate. Let the substrate dry slightly between waterings.

Approximate measures: 14 x 57 cm

The lounge palm is a classic of interior decoration for a reason. A very resistant plant, that dresses by itself any corner, adds humidity to the room, eliminates toxins, and although it is small, it is able to reach the two meters of height if we give them the right conditions.

*Pot not included. 

**The measures of the plants correspond to the width of the pot for the height of the plant and they are approximate measures.


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