Day 39 of our confinement, the family whatsapp groups are more active than ever, audios, photos, video calls. We miss the hugs and kisses from our loved ones

Soon we will be facing a very atypical and different Mother's Day than many of us are used to, with no family gatherings to celebrate this beautiful day and in our case, since Lukas' arrival, it is a date marked on our calendar.

"They put on our boots and make their lives from our achievements and our defeats", thanks to them we are today what we are, curious, tireless, unstoppable and inevitable. Perhaps we are their best version or at least that is what they want most.

 As I have already pointed out, next May 3rd will be an unusual mother's day that we will possibly remember all our lives, but so that the memory is not bitter, we have selected a lot of our items from which you will surely find the perfect gift for your mommy because nobody knows her better than you, that is clear, but if there is one thing we can all agree on is that in these days of confinement it doesn't hurt to bring a little color to the houses that we are using so much. That is why we have decided to make a capsule collection of Lilian Urquieta and Cala by Lilian of centers and branches of preserved flowers that you can find in the MOTHER'S DAY section. If you want us to make it to your liking, just contact us, we will be happy to make it more unique. In addition we want to give you ideas of our own designs that we think are perfect for our moms. You know that we make everything by hand and you always have the possibility to customize it to your taste with initials or changing colors but to do this, we must have enough time, because all shipments will be made through Nacex on April 28 in solidarity with the messengers and make sure they arrive on time for the days before May 3, Mother's Day.

We propose that to make it more special you tell your mother or loved one not to open it until Sunday 3 and make a video call to be closer and more special.

For our part, in addition to having all the free shipping costs, we will be more than happy to wrap it as a gift and put a note inside with the message you want. Let's make this Mother's Day a great day.


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