About us

Hi, we would like to introduce ourselves. My husband Iñaki and I are crazy in love with fashion and design. The complementarity of both of them added to the experience of each one in his area (Iñaki in manufacturing and me in design) led us to create our brand "Lilian Urquieta" in 2006, an original, handmade firm with a concept of sustainable and responsible fashion.


After spending a few years in Madrid, we decided to settle in the small town of La Herradura, a coastal town of Granada where our Atelier is located. Its wonderful bay, the surrounding mountains, and the small streets of the old town constantly fill us with inspiration.

From our humble beginnings designing costume jewelry and handcrafted jewelry, we have evolved into a nationally recognized firm for the quality and aesthetics of our designs.

"Each one of our pieces is made under the premise of handcrafting, being ourselves in charge of the whole process of creation: from the first design, to the last stitch.





Since 2012 we have our own multifunctional creative space in La Herradura: a typical Andalusian house located in one of the oldest and most picturesque streets of the town.

This is where we devise and manufacture all our products, from a functional and resistant travel bag to custom-made headdresses. The space is divided into different areas such as the store and the workshops, and they are linked together by a colourful and welcoming Andalusian patio. Our workshops are perfectly equipped, one for headdresses and jewellery and another for working with leather.

In the store you will find a wide selection of our products, from next season's previews to an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories.

"This is a unique place that allows us to give free rein to our creativity and do what we do best, make the products of the future collections that we are willing to share with you".




Both our firm and our designs are different from others thanks to our Handmade 2.0 philosophy and our concept of sustainable and responsible fashion.

"Each and every one of our designs are hand-made by us in limited series or by order, taking care of the whole production process and always worrying about the environmental and social impact of our industry".

We use boxes and bags made of recycled and recyclable materials, electronic bills to minimize paper consumption, we are efficient in the use of resources to reduce pollution and we guarantee the rights of our workers. But more than that, we are firm believers in the concepts of "slow-fashion" and "upcycling".

Through our products, we seek to encourage the conscious consumption of practical designs that you love; designs that will last a lifetime and that thanks to their minimalist style will be immune to constantly changing fashion trends. The vast majority of our designs are made to order with the best European materials at our disposal, thus avoiding the mass production and consumption that generates so much waste and reduces the quality of the products. The leather we use is 100% Spanish cowhide, obtained from the best suppliers in Spain, and from animals raised mainly for meat production, ensuring that no part of the animal is wasted.

By the way I don't think I've introduced myself, I'm Lilian. :)