Kampala Wallet

Kampala Wallet


Handmade brown leather wallet with an ethnic band in the middle. The interior is the same colour leather as the exterior.

With this gorgeous and practical wallet you´ll be able to keep all of your cards, notes and change safe. In the interior you´ll find 8 pockets for cards, 2 hidden pockets for your notes and 1 pocket that closes with a zipper to keep your change. 

This design is made from 100% Spanish calfskin leather, handmade in our studio-workshop in Southern Spain. For that reason, it’s possible that the leather might have some variations in color and also some small typical “imperfections”. With time, it will soften and will gain elasticity.

 *If you want to add your initials, customize the colour of the wallet or change some aspect of the design, please don´t hesitate getting in touch with us! We will be happy to create the ideal wallet for you.

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