Some of you will have discovered our decoration section these days and you will have been surprised. You will think that we have gone crazy, that it is the least appropriate time to grow and diversify the company, but this small twig of our tree has been growing for a long time wanting to leave its small pot, and it was time to show its first leaves. And yes, we are crazy.

For years, and as a result of our passion for design in general and decoration in particular, we have dedicated ourselves to creating our own decorative objects both for the home and for our shop / workshop. We have restored, modified, and created from scratch, furniture, paintings, tablecloths, kitchenware and others, to create special corners in our home and our business where we can feel comfortable. During this time, many friends / clients have encouraged us with their comments and some other requests (abusive friends), which together with our need to create new things did nothing but encourage our little tree to grow.


Like trees, shoots, branches and passions is the thing, and in our opinion there is no more essential element than "our green friends" when decorating a home, we have also added a small section of plants to our catalog. As the daughter of two dedicated plant professionals whose playground was a plant nursery and feel the chlorophyll running through their veins, this little green corner was almost a must.


And it is for all this that we have decided to launch a line of products focused on the decoration of your homes, following the same philosophy to which we have been faithful for years: All our products are made by hand, with quality materials, respect for the environment, and always trying to be an ethical company.


Come in, and enjoy our new twig. We hope you like it.

Lili & Iñaki