Some of you will wonder what led us to do masks. Sometimes we also ask ourselves the same question.
In full confinement, after several weeks wearing disposable masks for those moments when we needed to go out, our ecological conscience sounded the alarms: we could not continue like this.


Despite going out very little, we were wasting and discarding brutal amounts of masks, and we kept seeing them thrown around the street. In those days, the use of cloth masks for the population was beginning to be recommended in the media, and we did not stop for a second to think about it: we had to make our own masks!

Days later, and after doing a few tests, we went out with our first creations. Every person who saw us asked us, wanted to order us, encouraged us to sell them, but it did not seem ethical to us to obtain economic profit from a situation like the one we were experiencing. We continue to do them for ourselves, for friends and family.

After a few months of resistance, as everyone already had masks at their fingertips, and due to the great demand we had from our clients and friends, we gave our arm to twist.
Masks were going to be part of our lives, and apparently our work as well, and we take work very seriously. We began to look for the best materials and to do tests, we tried different designs looking for the most comfortable, we investigated, we read, and we looked even under the stones to make the best possible product. Oh, and they had
to be pretty!
After a few weeks of work, we came across a product that we are very proud of: Our #urquietamasks.

Since then, and as we are not able to stop, we have incorporated dozens of new designs, sizes for any type of person, incorporated modifications based on the feedback of our clients, looking for even safer and more comfortable materials, and trying to give you a product every day. better and always strictly following the UNE 0065 standard for reusable hygienic masks, as determined by the Ministry of Health.

We hope that soon this situation will be nothing more than a bad memory, but in the meantime, we will try to give you the best of ourselves with our #urquietmasks.

Many thanks to those of you who have trusted us. You started this train, and you keep it moving.

Lili and Iñaki.